About Michelle Lestas Bsc (Hons) MBA

I am a business leader, NED and turnaround business coach. As the published author of In Business With Yourself, I am the founder of identity-led entrpeprenurial leadership. Michelle Lestas & Associates was established in 2017 to champion thought leadership in the SME and entrpreprenurial space and we have worked with companies and advisors across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Facilitation of PPE

Glenstall Enterprises can now acquire PPE through The Heuberger Medical Products Group for the delivery of PPE products and related goods across NI and ROI. Dr Heuberger produces it‘s own hand sanitiser and disinfectant and this partnership also allows us to have access to our own production of nitrile gloves and surgical masks.

As an established business in the European market, Dr Heuberger has supplied a number of major public bodies both within the health care sector and further afield.