Michelle Lestas & Associates was founded by Michelle Lestas as a training and coaching academy to specialise in entrepreneurial and small business leadership and development.

Michelle http://www.michellelestas.com is an integral part of the SME ecosystem across the Island of Ireland. A business turnaround specialist she brings over 25 years of qualifications, skills and experience to her work. A business specialist who also runs a business she is involved in directorships in the food, property and services sectors. Growing up in a family business, Michelle considers SME management as part of her DNA. In 2000 Michelle cofounded the first SME consultancy company in NI to operate as an ILM-accredited Training Centre for Small Business Owner Development. In 2021, Michelle became a published author of In Business With Yourself (Orpen Press, Dublin, 2021) – and developed the Executive Identity Model® as an award-winning approach to small business leadership. Michelle works as a business turnaround specialist and is a renowned business coach and public speaker using the model as the building blocks of effective small business leadership.

Michelle Lestas & Associates has a proven track record in SME coaching as well as designing, managing and delivering SME programmes that respond to the needs of clients in terms of learning objectives, material development and delivery options. We work with a wide range of consultants to ensure we bring the appropriate expertise to each project and have a network of over 20 consultants throughout Ireland with whom we have worked over the last five years to achieve outstanding results in business training and programme management.